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Killer Cheese Sauce


Put this on macaroni, cauliflower, fries, dip things into it. Dear god.

Killer as in awesome, not deadly. That wouldn’t be good.


This recipe is for a creamy cheese sauce, with a blend of sharp white cheddar and regular cheddar, cracked black pepper and cayenne pepper. You get the sharpness of the cheese cutting through the richness of the cream, and a little pop of heat from the peppers. Amazing.


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Improvised Chicken Casserole

Sometimes kitchen cupboard meals work out VERY well.


Well. I finally needed to make dinner. So took out a packet of chicken from the freezer, and imagined I would make some kind of “casserole” or “bake” when I got home from work. I also wanted to use up some stale sourdough bread I had, so I cubed in and threw it in a bowl uncovered over night to dry it out. I assumed I’d be using it as some sort of topping for that “casserole”.

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