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Killer Cheese Sauce


Put this on macaroni, cauliflower, fries, dip things into it. Dear god.

Killer as in awesome, not deadly. That wouldn’t be good.


This recipe is for a creamy cheese sauce, with a blend of sharp white cheddar and regular cheddar, cracked black pepper and cayenne pepper. You get the sharpness of the cheese cutting through the richness of the cream, and a little pop of heat from the peppers. Amazing.


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Hangover Hashbrowns

Last night I went to a “round” themed potluck. Everyone with round food! But I came home and had a few drinks, so right now I’ll post my “hangover hashbrowns” and then later on today I’ll post the dishes I brought to the potluck!

This is easy. Stupid easy. A quick greasy breakfast in little time, with a little improvisation.


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Last Supper (Breakfast) French Fry Hashbrowns


This was our last breakfast before we moved. We didn’t want to buy any groceries, nor spend any money. So I had to improvise with what was in the freezer.

We had french fries, the big fat ones. Steak fries? Frozen breakfast sausage,  some green onion and some parsley.

Ice Ice, Baby

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