Garlic Cheese Rolls

Oh so easy.



These went with the soup I made in the prevous post. I was serious when I said Michael hated soup. A few men I’ve met have an aversion to soup. Complaints that it’s “mostly water” and “not filling” resonate whenever I’m making a soup.



My solution? Shut them up with bread! Soup IS filling, but you still have to coax them in with some additional filler.



I've had this bulk grocery store garlic butter in my fridge for a while. I don't really like it, but Michael does. I'd much rather make my own, but waste not want not.



I made my regular pizza dough, with the addition of some nomu peri peri spice to give it some kick. Rolled out a large rectangle and spread the butter mixture over.



Pizza dough recipe here.




Grated a layer of mozzarella cheese on top. You can use any cheese in here, whatever's in the fridge! Slowly begin rolling into a log from one end, like when you're making cinnamon rolls, and slice into 6. Place in a greased 5X9 baking pan. You can also do these on a baking sheet or in muffin cups.



Beautiful! If you have time, let this rise in the pan until they're doubled. If not it's fine to bake right away.



More cheese! (duh!) Remember this is a Trojan horse, meant to deliver soup. It must be delicious!



Bake in a 400 degree oven until gorgeous and golden brown!

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