Chicken Curry Lentil Soup



This is part 3 of my “cleaning out the freezer/pantry” theme.

I had a few chicken carcasses kicking around in the freezer (sounds really wrong when I re-read that) and thought it was time I finally used them.

I always save the leftover meat/bones from chicken roasts, makes beautiful stock.

Stock ready to go!


In this I had:

2 chicken carcasses – One from a roast, and one from me breaking down a whole chicken into pieces.

1 chicken spine – left from butterflying a chicken to roast it.

4 chicken legs w/thigh – they were in ziploc bags but starting to look a little frosty.

1 hunk of celery root

1/4 of a large onion, burned – my mother always taught me to burn the onion straight on the element, adds a lot of flavour.

1 carrot, 1 parsnip roughly chopped

2 cloves of whole garlic, smashed a little

1 bay leaf

1 tsp of whole black pepper corns

a good sprinkle of salt, and I threw in a few shakes of nomu poultry spice, just because I have it.

Let simmer, on the stove top. If you like clearer broth, do not let it heavily boil. I think I let mine cook for about 1.5 hours. Mostly because I was distracted with the internet, but also because I wanted a more concentrated flavour.

I think there's flavour in there!


Strain stock into a mesh strainer, or into some cheese cloth. I used a strained lined with some paper towel.

I made this stock the day before I had soup because I had some spare time. So I put this into a bowl and into the fridge. The next day I skimmed any fat off of the top, as there was a lot of chicken skin in this stock, resulting in a lot of grease.

So the soup I kind of winged. I tried to look for a recipe, but have you ever tried to look for a recipe online without a specific one in mind? Your eyes kind of glaze over after a while and it’s just frustrating.

I dug around in my pantry a bit and found these:

Knorr cream of leek, and this curry mix for chicken. The soup mix is easy to use for improvised soup, but be careful with any spice mixes you find. This one packet was for 10 pieces of chicken, so it was strong. I only had to use about a tbsp of this. Read your packages!


1 packet knorr cream of leek

1 tbsp curry powder, or curry mix, any type

1 chicken breast, diced

1 russet potato, peeled

1 medium carrot, peeled and sliced into discs

1/4 cup white onion, diced

1/2 cup canned lentils (you can use dried, you just have to add them in the beginning)

1/4 cup orzo pasta, or any tiny noodle, you can even use rice if you wish

a good handfull of chopped: green onion, cilantro and parsley

In the pot I choose to serve my soup in, I began sauteeing the chicken, potato, onion and carrot. You can do this in another pan if you wish, but I'd rather dirty only one pot. The problem with using this type of pan to sautee in is that the inredients might stick. If they do, just add a tiny bit of stock to loosen anything stuck.

My gorgeous gelationous bowl of stock. Cook anything with bones = jello. But don't worry, it will re-liquify upon heating.


Add the knorr mixx, the curry powder and your stock. Mix and start to simmer for about 15-20 minutes, or until the potato has cooked.


It should thicken slightly and looka like this!


Add the orzo!


Add the lentils! This was a heaped 1/4 cup, but I dumped in a bunch more after this picture. Can't have enough lentils!

Continue simmering your soup until the noodles have cooked, maybe 5 minutes, and add your fresh herbs before serving. The cilantro goes really well with the curry. What I wouldn't have done for some coconut milk...


Ahh! Serve! I made some garlic-roll things to go with this. I'll post those later.

Feed to soup hating boyfriend! Seriously. He ate it and loved it though. Anything with curry...



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