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Beef Sliders on Brioche

So delicious and the brioche buns make it!

I made these at work today, we actually make a lot of these. One of our most popular appetizers! Homemade, fresh baked brioche buns, beef hamburgers glazed with bbq sauce, cheddar, mayo and grainy mustard and garnished with a gherkin or whatever else I can find. 😉

Brioche can be a bit of work to make, but it’s truly worth it for these little guys. Really any fresh baked bread will do, the key is fresh baked!

Brioche is also great because it freezes very well in it’s dough form, so if you want you can make this ahead and freeze it for any appetizer emergencies!

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Honey Spiced Nuts

The perfect holiday snack!


I’m back! Also, Merry Chrismas/all that holiday stuff!


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Sriracha Tortilla Chips

Yes! I did.

I bought some corn tortillas to make tacos for dinner one night. Was great, but I ended up with (and still have) a TON of them left.

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Pretzel Bites!


I’m a big fan of snacks over meals. So for some dinners we have a platter full of numerous snacky type foods, and just nosh, talk, and maybe take in a movie. I like it better sometimes over a big heavy meal, plus it generally takes much less time, and I’m usually pressed for time.

So tonight, both of us with hangovers, it was a perfect night for appys. I made wings, with a classic buffalo wing sauce. Fruit, and pretzel bites!

I was originally planning on making actual pretzels, but my laziness and impatience got to me, and I went with “bites”.

It's poppin'

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No Microwave Popcorn


Our last place came with a built in microwave, but unfortunately our new apartment does not.  We’re kind of in limbo in deciding if we’d like to buy a microwave for this place, or just try to live without one. It may be a healthier choice to not have one, but it cuts down on some of the conveniences. Especially in regards to reheating leftovers and preventing extra dishes from getting dirtied.
Regardless, we are currently microwave-less. Michael and I watch quite a lot of movies, and I like to have some popcorn to enjoy while watching.  I’m all for the traditional way to make popcorn, and prefer it. But sometimes microwave popcorn is just easier, and requires less attention, so that’s what we buy!

So what do you do when you have no microwave and only have packets of microwaveable popcorn?


Yeah. this looks gross.

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