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Jerk Chicken Perogies

Jerk Chicken Perogies! Creamy potato with chunks of chicken breast and spicy jerk sauce.



Michael invented these. Or at least gave me the suggestion. I was looking for interesting perogy ideas and he blurted out “jerk chicken”. So I used my imagination and came up with this.

I knew it had to be done with potato, as it adds substance, and perogies still need to be comforting and starch-a-licious.


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Perogies – The Family Recipe

You can't imagine how delicious these are.



I know every family that makes perogies (pierogies, pyrogies, ‘rogies, dumplings, etc, etc.) believes that there’s is the best. And it is, to them. As it’s what they were raised on, what their family had at important dinners, what mother’s slaved over to feed their family.


But my mother’s perogies are loved by EVERYONE.


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