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Herbed Olive Oil Biscuits

Carbs. Perfect for everything.


I like using heart shaped cookie cutters, molds, stamps, whatever. My middle name is Love (seriously), and I’m normally a huge cheeseball. I like to draw heart shaped sriracha on food I give to Michael.


Love love love love hearts *puke*. I make myself sick!


It was our 3 year anniversary yesterday, so I post something heart shaped in lieu of a proper related post.

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Black Bean, Mushroom and Bacon Baked Eggs

A nice lunch!



I wasn’t sure what to make for lunch, I was thinking pasta, but I had some bacon and eggs and it sounded perfect!


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Pappardelle with Salmon, Creme Fraiche and Goodness.

So I ended up happening upon a tub of Creme Fraiche (only slightly expired) and a sliced open box of pappardelle. (Thanks GW) And since earlier this morning I took out a piece of salmon for dinner..

*drum roll*

I made some delicious pasta!

Yay! Putting two and two together is fun, isn’t it.

First, you gotta bake you some salmon.

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Last Supper (Breakfast) French Fry Hashbrowns


This was our last breakfast before we moved. We didn’t want to buy any groceries, nor spend any money. So I had to improvise with what was in the freezer.

We had french fries, the big fat ones. Steak fries? Frozen breakfast sausage,  some green onion and some parsley.

Ice Ice, Baby

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