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Red Curry with Lamb and Tomatoes

I honestly threw this dish together randomly. BUT. Michael LOVED it and asked that I include it in our regular meals. Go figure!


Lately I’ve been cooking much more asian/asian inspired food than anything else. I can’t help it. We both love it, it’s healthy, an oh sooo spicy.


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Lamb Skewers with Balsamic Reduction


This was last night’s dinner. A lot of the time I like to make snack-y dinner plates. An assortment of appetizer type things we both can pick off of one large plate, instead of dirtying a bunch of plates. I think it’s the Polish.

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I don’t have anything monumental to post right now, Michael has been sick the last few days, so I’ve just been doing what I can to make him feel better. I baby him quite a bit. Thai food, comic books, medicine.

Not leaving the house for a day or two has been incredibly boring, but I did come across some old photos from when I worked in catering! I did everything while I worked there. Prep, cold food, hot food, baking, dishes and cleaning! It was a small company, and since I always seem to show potential/work ethic, I always end up doing more. (and more and more)

So here’s some pictures!

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