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Slocan – Sleepy Breakfast Time

We needed one of those...uh.. "Rejuvinatin' Greasy Breakfasts" to counter an over consumption of a certain type of liquid.


We headed down to the Slocan for some All Day Breakfast. I had never been there, and yelp said it was alright. The only other “close as we want to walk” was some placed called Tom and Jerry’s, which features a banner of some Budweiser girls from the 90’s and boasts about $4 awful beer on tap. (not that I judge, I’ve been to many a scuzzy place, they’re just reserved for french fries and karaoke).


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Hangover Hashbrowns

Last night I went to a “round” themed potluck. Everyone with round food! But I came home and had a few drinks, so right now I’ll post my “hangover hashbrowns” and then later on today I’ll post the dishes I brought to the potluck!

This is easy. Stupid easy. A quick greasy breakfast in little time, with a little improvisation.


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