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Gingerbread Cookies – The recipe!

Ok. Now that I have time. Man is Christmas busy. I’d like you to know that I’ve honestly just grabbed a bowl of chips and a half bottle of wine to write this. But thankfully it’s almost over and we can start worrying about new years plans and making up some never to be fufilled new years resolutions.

Hit the jump for the recipe!

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Sesame Teriyaki Wings!

So. SO good.

This isn’t really a recipe as much as it’s what I made for dinner. Nothing special. But OH so good.

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Christmas Gifts for your favourite foodie!

I always love those top 10 lists of gifts to buy or favourite things, so I’ve decided to make my own!

I work at the Gourmet Warehouse, and there are a few things people keep calling for.  In no particular order..

Hit the jump for my top 10 list!

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Pegboard Wall Organizer

So I’m a regular reader of Apartment Therapy, as we live in a tiny apartment and I’m always looking for ways to spruce it up, and any creative ways to save space. A while back I came across instructions on how to build a peg board wall organizer. I thought it was the greatest idea ever, and decided to plan to have one once we moved to the new place.

Well now we’re in the new place, and it was time to set it up!

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Chili and Cornbread!

It's chilly, so have some chili


Good ‘ol chili. One of my favourite comforting foods that doesn’t make you feel like a disgusting blob.

For chili I generally follow the same idea, I don’t have a specific recipe or anything.

1 lb of meat, 1 can of tomatoes. 1 can beans, onion, carrot, celery, and whatever else veggies you feel like throwing in.  Then some chili powder and dried herbs, but in desperation I’ve also used some taco or fajita mix (just not the whole package). The flavour that stands out most in chili is cumin. So as long as whatever mix you have or are making has some, your chili will turn out fine.

But my star of the show tonight was the cornbread 🙂

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