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7 Facts Blogger Game

I looked everywhere for a sesame street reference, but this will have to do instead.

Well I’ve been tagged so I guess I have to participate! 😛

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Garlic Beef Sausage Curry

Yum Yum Yum

My first real meal in my home! We have been eating out a lot. Specially pho at this one place, I think we’ve gone every second day =/

I threw together  a quick curry using Glico curry. Which is my favourite instant-ready-to-go curry. The jarred ones always taste…odd.

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One Lovely Blog and Stylish Blogger Award!

I have recieved this award twice, once from Manu, and now from Cook in a Bar!

And I’ve also been given the Stylish Blogger award from Picture Perfect Meals!

I didn’t post it the first time solely because I forgot, I made the draft and everything. Stupid busy life.

It’s kind of like a chain-letter of love!

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Borg Brownie Cupcakes

Resistance IS futile! When it comes to brownies anyway..

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been a bit. Work work work. No time to play 😦 But yesterday night we had a few people over to watch a movie and hang out, so I decided to make borg cupcakes! Which turned into Born Brownie Cupcakes!


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