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Pita Bread

Surprisingly AMAZING! Is that a thing people say?


I had some chickpeas for falafel rehydrating, and I thought I’d take a shot at making pita bread. First time ever. I always risk making things I’ve never made before, but dinner always seems to turn out. Now that I’ve said that, I’ll probably burn the kitchen down next time!

These are a must make. MUST! Must make, and eat immediately after making. So awesome.


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Big Breakfast Small Lunch

The weekend treat.

We generally eat pretty boring breakfasts. Cereal, granola, fruit, toast, yogurt. But most weekends, one of the days I’ll make “Big Breakfast”, which generally consists of Eggs, hash browns, toast. Maybe bacon or sausage if we’re lucky.


My absolute favourite is to make hashbrowns WITH bacon. I know, I’m terrible aren’t I? The potatoes get so beautifully crisp from the bacon fat, and they’re so flavourful. It makes me happy thinking about it.


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