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Glazed Salmon with Chimichurri

Moist salmon with a sticky savory glaze, topped with a lively and bright chimichurri.


We don’t eat as much fish as I’d like. Michael is slowly warming up to the idea of fish, although he eats sushi which is a jump. Apparently raw fish is better than cooked! 😛


But since my parents always give me fish, it was time to make some. I’ve never made my own chimichurri before so I grabbed a recipe from epicurious.

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Pulled Beef BBQ Pizza

Michael ate more than half. Seriously.

We love pizza, and I love making pizza. I can use whatever I have or plan to make certain types. This was a combo of both. I had some stew beef I wanted to use, but I didn’t want stew.

I also don’t understand people who say they don’t make pizza dough because it takes too much time? I can make a basic pizza dough in 20 minutes, less even.

Caamaan people!

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Garlic Beef Sausage Curry

Yum Yum Yum

My first real meal in my home! We have been eating out a lot. Specially pho at this one place, I think we’ve gone every second day =/

I threw together  a quick curry using Glico curry. Which is my favourite instant-ready-to-go curry. The jarred ones always taste…odd.

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Ham and Pea Soup


Perfect on a kinda gloomy day like today!


I think ham and pea soup is my favourite soup. I’m not certain though, I can change my mind pretty easily. But it’s almost like eating a ham dinner in a bowl. So good.


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Black Bean, Mushroom and Bacon Baked Eggs

A nice lunch!



I wasn’t sure what to make for lunch, I was thinking pasta, but I had some bacon and eggs and it sounded perfect!


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No Knead Rosemary Focaccia

I loves me some bread and vinegar!



I love no knead bread, and try -“try” to always have a big batch of dough in the fridge at all times. But sometimes it’s hard to keep a big bucket in the fridge, when other things could be going in there. Like, I dunno, vegetables.


Go HERE for the No Knead dough recipe!


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