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Jerk Chicken Perogies

Jerk Chicken Perogies! Creamy potato with chunks of chicken breast and spicy jerk sauce.



Michael invented these. Or at least gave me the suggestion. I was looking for interesting perogy ideas and he blurted out “jerk chicken”. So I used my imagination and came up with this.

I knew it had to be done with potato, as it adds substance, and perogies still need to be comforting and starch-a-licious.


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Drowning in a sea of lunches!

Totally me.

Ugh I’m so busy and so tired I just want a sandwich and a nap.

Mostly a sandwich. But I don’t wanna make it.

Michael has started his dream job, which includes 12 hour shifts, 4 days on, 4 days off.

But that means I’m making him breakfast, lunch and dinner + snacks to take to work (and still work my full time job). So I’m a little tired.


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Frankensoup (Chorizo/ Mushroom)



We’ve been trying to eat healthier, so I’ve decided to try and make soup more often. (sans cream, or cheese, or anything like that)


Pay day isn’t until this Friday, so my meals have been slightly lack-luster, and much less planned.


We were starving when we got home, I dug through the fridge/cupboard and came up with this.


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