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My Pantry

I'm not going to arrange my pantry like a crazy. I'm not going to lie to you and make things fancy for the photos! This is the condition of my pantry, and I bet yours is pretty damn close.

I thought I’d make one of these, because I think it’s super important that you have a properly stocked pantry. If you’re new to cooking or think you dislike it, this will make it easier, and fun! Or something!

and in the interest of awesomeosity, I’m going to look for the best stock photos ever.



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Red Curry with Lamb and Tomatoes

I honestly threw this dish together randomly. BUT. Michael LOVED it and asked that I include it in our regular meals. Go figure!


Lately I’ve been cooking much more asian/asian inspired food than anything else. I can’t help it. We both love it, it’s healthy, an oh sooo spicy.


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Happy Vaisakhi!

Some of the entertainment!

I live in a very multicultural – major city. It’s busy and clogged, but one great thing about it are all the awesome festivals and celebrations!

This Saturday I went down to the Vaisakhi celebration down on Main st.

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Japanese Glico Curry – the easy way out

Easy Peasy.

Glico curry is a Japanese curry. It’s super easy and I ALWAYS have a packet in my pantry. It takes no time to make and you get this wonderfully warm/thick comforting curry.

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