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Slocan – Sleepy Breakfast Time

We needed one of those...uh.. "Rejuvinatin' Greasy Breakfasts" to counter an over consumption of a certain type of liquid.


We headed down to the Slocan for some All Day Breakfast. I had never been there, and yelp said it was alright. The only other “close as we want to walk” was some placed called Tom and Jerry’s, which features a banner of some Budweiser girls from the 90’s and boasts about $4 awful beer on tap. (not that I judge, I’ve been to many a scuzzy place, they’re just reserved for french fries and karaoke).


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On the topic of coffee..

Check out my new coffee mug!
I painted this at Clay Cafe in Halifax when we visited in the summer. We finally received it in the mail from Michael’s mom.

Pardon my “older than your parents” counter top pattern.

My freehand "trying to write with an akward goo-pen thing". Dizzy is my nickname btw. Ask michael why next time you see him.

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French Press Coffee

A while back I acquired a dented coffee press for free. (It’s an all stainless steel bodum, no glass to break! woo!)

Nom nom nom!

I had a drip coffee maker I was using, and I have always been told that french press coffee is better than drip. I believed it too, but never got around to doing it. Old habits die hard I guess.


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