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Spicy Peanut Noodles with Chicken

It's just you and me noodles. (And Michael) But mostly you an' me.


You know I love spicy, asian-y, cilantro-y, peanut-y, whatever else-y can describe my tastes. This is a dish I’ve started to make much more often because it’s just so easy. And I have not just one, but TWO ways to make this! Golly! (there’s way more ways than two, I might have lied)


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Noodle Box!

Or as we say "Noodo-box".


This is probably one of my favourite restaurants. It’s simple, delicious and consistent. I think I really love it because I don’t eat there often, it’s always something to look forward to, and taking transit to Kits isn’t really my most favourite thing to do, so it doesn’t happen often.

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MSG for me! But mostly a little rant-y.

So we went for Chinese food for lunch down at “The Hub” at SFU.  Which is basically a few crappy restaurants that are never open when you want them to be and you’re forced to eat there as there’s nowhere else to go.

After we waited in the post office forever to mail something ;), we headed a few doors down and grabbed some lunch. I had the basics, sweet and sour pork, beef and broccoli and chow mein. Now it was fine Chinese food, I always prefer the MSG laden, neon coloured slimy coated Chinese food. As I’ve noticed the healthier versions just never seem to taste right. They’re always lacking flavour and texture. And if you’re going to eat Chinese food, it might as well taste like Chinese food, instead of similar to something you’d make at home.

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