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An attempt at Pho

Rare beef Pho! Beautiful colours, but not quite there yet.


I can’t get enough Vietnamese food. Plus most pho goes for under $7, and affordable amazingly delicious food is generally a good thing.

So I wanted to try and make it. I’ve tried before, and it was kinda..eegh. This time was better, but still not perfect.

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Michael and I always try to eat healthy, but there are times where there has been a little too much pizza, and WAY too much beer.

Veggie chili with avocado salsa and plain yogurt

So, we decided it was time for a little bit of a “detox”, and since Michael has never done one, we decided to try for a week and see how it goes.

The type of detoxes I go for are very healthy ones. There’s no starvation or extreme measures. Just restriction of certain foods, helping the digestive system rest and allow your body to work out all the nasties.

Our diet is simple:

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Chili and Cornbread!

It's chilly, so have some chili


Good ‘ol chili. One of my favourite comforting foods that doesn’t make you feel like a disgusting blob.

For chili I generally follow the same idea, I don’t have a specific recipe or anything.

1 lb of meat, 1 can of tomatoes. 1 can beans, onion, carrot, celery, and whatever else veggies you feel like throwing in.  Then some chili powder and dried herbs, but in desperation I’ve also used some taco or fajita mix (just not the whole package). The flavour that stands out most in chili is cumin. So as long as whatever mix you have or are making has some, your chili will turn out fine.

But my star of the show tonight was the cornbread 🙂

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