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Beer Thursday!! Britannia Sushi



We haven’t gone to a real Beer Thursday in forever. But we were finally able to and quickly decided on sushi, as it’s too hot for pub grub.


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Beer Thursday

The best reason for Thursdays.

Look ma, I’m posting! No time to explain, work-family stuff happening. Makes life busy!

But! A friend/coworker and I have thought up a weekly outing to get us through the work week.

Beer Thursdays!

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Wings – The food and the restaurant

Starting from the left clockwise we have Tora Tora Tora Tokyo, Mesquite Bear BBQ, English Salt and Vinegar, and Bombay Pineapple. 40 wings!



We love wings. I know Michael could eat them for dinner every day of the week, if I’d let him, or make them, that is.



One of our favourites is a restaurant called “Wings“. They have a great menu, and on Sundays they haveĀ  35cent wings. Now, there are other places with great wings, or places with cheaper wings. But we’ve had some really good experiences and some awesome wings, so we always come back.



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