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Beef Sliders on Brioche

So delicious and the brioche buns make it!

I made these at work today, we actually make a lot of these. One of our most popular appetizers! Homemade, fresh baked brioche buns, beef hamburgers glazed with bbq sauce, cheddar, mayo and grainy mustard and garnished with a gherkin or whatever else I can find. 😉

Brioche can be a bit of work to make, but it’s truly worth it for these little guys. Really any fresh baked bread will do, the key is fresh baked!

Brioche is also great because it freezes very well in it’s dough form, so if you want you can make this ahead and freeze it for any appetizer emergencies!

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7 Facts Blogger Game

I looked everywhere for a sesame street reference, but this will have to do instead.

Well I’ve been tagged so I guess I have to participate! 😛

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Beer Thursday

The best reason for Thursdays.

Look ma, I’m posting! No time to explain, work-family stuff happening. Makes life busy!

But! A friend/coworker and I have thought up a weekly outing to get us through the work week.

Beer Thursdays!

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Beef Dip – Easy Peasy Au Jus Squeezy

So. delicious!


Now, beef dip is best If you’ve made a gorgeous medium rare roast, and have sliced it paper thin with a meat slicer. But I don’t have these privileges. (I did when I worked in catering, and oh man. It was AWESOMEE!)


But this way is awesome too, with a ton of flavour, and ready in like 30 mins tops.


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Jalapeno Infused Vodka – Pt 2!

Jalapeno Ceasar anyone?

Okay, so a week has passed. I’d like to share my jalapeno infused vodka experiences. If you missed it, first post here.



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Sister’s Secret Chicken (a dying breed)

Oh baby!


There’s this brand we sell, called “Sister’s Secret”. They make, well MADE, different sauces. People have always raved about how amazing it was. And now, unfortunately, they have gone out of business. We’ve acquired the last of the bottles to sell, and I wanted to try it before it was gone forever.

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Vietnamese Inspired Shrimp and Noodles


You can make this in less than half an hour. Seriously. Not even half.


I made this last night, but I’ll post it now! Recipe after the jump!


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Warm Potato Salad (and all it’s bbq friends)

It’s BBQ season! Or has been for a while and I’ve been missing out.


We finally went and had a little bbq at my parents place. We can’t have a bbq on our apt porch, so we make plans to use theirs whenever we can!

I gave my mother a pack of ribs the night before (she wanted to boil them and get them ready before we came over), and pleaded for some steak. It’s been a while since I’ve had a good steak.

I was planning on making some green peppercorn sauce for the steaks, but when I got there my mother had some baby potatoes boiled, so I decided to make use of them.

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