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7 Facts Blogger Game

I looked everywhere for a sesame street reference, but this will have to do instead.

Well I’ve been tagged so I guess I have to participate! 😛

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A few drawings from the tablet of Michael Bielaski.

"Well, that could have worked out better"

Tommy Tomato Teaser

Tommy Tomato Screenshot

Just a quick peek at my work on Tommy Tomato, I’m in the middle of ‘inking’ page 9.


Another one of my drawings!

Periodic Table of Superheroics! – Yeah, it was me.

So last year at some point, some genius came up with the Periodic Table of Video Game Characters. Loved it. Inspired, I spent a week ramming a bunch of comic book pictures into this mess. Continue reading

Tommy Tomato

A few months ago I put an ad up on Craigslist in pursuit of a project to start with someone, an artist looking for a writer, basically. I got several responses, but the only one I was interested in was this idea to illustrate a childrens book. At least thats how it started, but I saw it more of a comic. With the writers blessing I got to work on it, and I’m in the middle of it now. Continue reading

All American Marionettes

Try not to look at her crotch

I love the idea and think this would make a great AdultSwim type cartoon. I don’t often try and spoof pop culture but these are three real life people that I think would make/are excellent cartoon characters.

Sort of similiar to Paris and Nicole’s “reality” show where they mingled with real people, this takes it one step further by saying these three are forced to live with an average american, suburban family.
The show has evolved in my head a million times, now I think of the stars of the show actually being the family, while these three are like forces of nature that the family just has to try and deal with, while still trying to live their lives/raise their children/etc.
The show would be rated a very obvious ‘R’.I went back and forth between TLC and MTV, eventually settling on TLC. Once I learned Jon & Kate Plus 8 is made by TLC, that pretty much ended the debate.

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