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Food Blogging Again!

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My Pantry

I'm not going to arrange my pantry like a crazy. I'm not going to lie to you and make things fancy for the photos! This is the condition of my pantry, and I bet yours is pretty damn close.

I thought I’d make one of these, because I think it’s super important that you have a properly stocked pantry. If you’re new to cooking or think you dislike it, this will make it easier, and fun! Or something!

and in the interest of awesomeosity, I’m going to look for the best stock photos ever.



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Mini Donuts at the PNE!


The PNE, or Pacific National Exhibiton, is our summer fair that shows up for about two weeks near the end of August.

I generally go to the PNE once a year, but I’m not really sure why anymore. Nostalgia I think. It’s generally very packed, hot, and expensive. I don’t go on the rides while the PNE is here, because it’s held at our amusement park, and it’s maybe two times cheaper to go when the fair is gone!

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Beer Thursday!! Britannia Sushi



We haven’t gone to a real Beer Thursday in forever. But we were finally able to and quickly decided on sushi, as it’s too hot for pub grub.


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Bao Chau

I have a new soup related love.

There’s this new place down the street that we go for our Pho nowadays, but they have this one type that just blows me away.

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Slocan – Sleepy Breakfast Time

We needed one of those...uh.. "Rejuvinatin' Greasy Breakfasts" to counter an over consumption of a certain type of liquid.


We headed down to the Slocan for some All Day Breakfast. I had never been there, and yelp said it was alright. The only other “close as we want to walk” was some placed called Tom and Jerry’s, which features a banner of some Budweiser girls from the 90’s and boasts about $4 awful beer on tap. (not that I judge, I’ve been to many a scuzzy place, they’re just reserved for french fries and karaoke).


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Spicy Peanut Noodles with Chicken

It's just you and me noodles. (And Michael) But mostly you an' me.


You know I love spicy, asian-y, cilantro-y, peanut-y, whatever else-y can describe my tastes. This is a dish I’ve started to make much more often because it’s just so easy. And I have not just one, but TWO ways to make this! Golly! (there’s way more ways than two, I might have lied)


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La Casita – Bday Dinner 1!

La Casita!


I’ve been having a great birthday so far. I have such great friends and they’ve been treating me so well! With food and booze. How kind!

My girlfriend took me down to La Casita on Tuesday for a meal! Her exact words were to “wine and dine me” but whatever.


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Pho Central on Davie St

Rare Beef Pho


I know you’re probably sick of hearing about all this pho I eat, but it really is amazing. It’s the most wonderful comfort food on the planet. Warm, spicy, rich, beefy, but doesn’t leave you feeling heavy and full like other dinners.

We went down to Pho Central on Davie st. We have this problem of wandering up and down Davie or Robson trying to decide what to eat and just end up getting grumpy and hungrier.

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We’re in!





That move was potentially disastrous, from almost not having a truck (TGFBrothers), to arriving to a less than clean suite. But we’ve made it, we’re in. Maybe 60% unpacked (we have to buy some furniture so some remains in boxes)


So be patient! I will make it up to you. I have the next week off, as the 10th is my bday, and who works on their birthday?

Crazies. Only crazies.


So I’ll have TONS of time to cook, bake and photograph!


On that note I ask, what do YOU eat after you’ve moved?


We had pho (of course). Then late night wine induced pizza (which, was the most delicious panago take out I’ve ever had in my life)

The Garburator

He ate it, I didn't. My god.


I’m not really sure how this came to be, but a Starbucks run turned into this atrocity.


Two ginger molasses cookies with peanut butter, sandwiching an apple fritter.


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Noodle Box!

Or as we say "Noodo-box".


This is probably one of my favourite restaurants. It’s simple, delicious and consistent. I think I really love it because I don’t eat there often, it’s always something to look forward to, and taking transit to Kits isn’t really my most favourite thing to do, so it doesn’t happen often.

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Can you guess what day it was?

What a gorgeous day for a $4.75 beer! $4.25? I don't remember, doesn't matter!

Happy Beer Thursday! I’m pushing for this to become a holiday, but we’ll see.

We headed down to Belgian Fries today!

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Beer Thursday

The best reason for Thursdays.

Look ma, I’m posting! No time to explain, work-family stuff happening. Makes life busy!

But! A friend/coworker and I have thought up a weekly outing to get us through the work week.

Beer Thursdays!

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Wings – The food and the restaurant

Starting from the left clockwise we have Tora Tora Tora Tokyo, Mesquite Bear BBQ, English Salt and Vinegar, and Bombay Pineapple. 40 wings!



We love wings. I know Michael could eat them for dinner every day of the week, if I’d let him, or make them, that is.



One of our favourites is a restaurant called “Wings“. They have a great menu, and on Sundays they have  35cent wings. Now, there are other places with great wings, or places with cheaper wings. But we’ve had some really good experiences and some awesome wings, so we always come back.



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Bons off Broadway – Breakfast Time!

One of the few (good) greasy spoons we have!



It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Bon’s. I used to go quite often when I lived off Commercial Drive, but living in in Burnaby near Metrotown, it’s a bit of  trek. This is where you go for cheap, greasy breakfast. This place has been around forever, and you see regulars, Veterans, families, hungover teenagers, everyone flocking to this place. It’s generally super packed on weekends, not a long wait if you’re willing, but it’s def not bad for a visit during the week.



Bright yellow paint on the walls, random movie posters, and tons of signatures/doodles on the walls. And you come here, ONLY for the breakfast special.



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Big Breakfast Small Lunch

The weekend treat.

We generally eat pretty boring breakfasts. Cereal, granola, fruit, toast, yogurt. But most weekends, one of the days I’ll make “Big Breakfast”, which generally consists of Eggs, hash browns, toast. Maybe bacon or sausage if we’re lucky.


My absolute favourite is to make hashbrowns WITH bacon. I know, I’m terrible aren’t I? The potatoes get so beautifully crisp from the bacon fat, and they’re so flavourful. It makes me happy thinking about it.


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Comfort Pho-od

This title only makes sense sense if you pronounce pho correctly, “fuh”. Otherwise, I guess it’s still creative 😛


I LOVE pho. It is by far my favourite comfort food. It may sound blasphemous because it’s not something indulgent and rich, but it is still incredibly comforting and satisfying. I really enjoy how it makes me feel afterwards. No sick full feeling, just warm and happy.


We went down to Pho Huang on main today after a breif visit to the monthly comic-con we have here. We eat vietnamese frequently. It’s one of the most accessible fast-foods in the city along side sushi, and is very affordable. We got away for only $20 including an appy and were both stuffed. We didn’t even finish our meals.


Spring rolls! Michael says these were the best he's ever had.

Michael's regular go-to. Lemongrass grilled chiken with vermicelli.

and Heaven in a bowl. Rare beef pho. The beef cooks in the hot beef broth. So you get super tender thin slices of beef, oh man.

If you’ve never had pho I recommend you try it. You can get it 100 different ways. With chicken if you’re wary of raw meat. Brisket, tripe, fish balls, just noodles. There is so much variety. A small bowl (what I’ve posted above, which is far from small) goes for about 5$ a bowl at most places.


The broth is generally made by simmering beef (and sometimes chicken) bones, oxtails, flank steak, charred onion, and spices, over several hours. The spices vary but usually contain cinnamon, star anise, ginger, onion, cardamom, corander seed, fennel seed, and cloves.


There’s always srirachi on the table to add to your soup 🙂 They give you a bowl of sprouts, basil, lime/lemon and chilies to add to your soup, and it will be by far the most satisfying soup you’ve ever had.