My Pantry

I'm not going to arrange my pantry like a crazy. I'm not going to lie to you and make things fancy for the photos! This is the condition of my pantry, and I bet yours is pretty damn close.

I thought I’d make one of these, because I think it’s super important that you have a properly stocked pantry. If you’re new to cooking or think you dislike it, this will make it easier, and fun! Or something!

and in the interest of awesomeosity, I’m going to look for the best stock photos ever.





An assortment of dried stocks. If you can find the semi-liquid self stable ones those are great too, or the professional-esque type you keep in the fridge. They enhance any dish you put them into, and I generally put some in everything I make. From rice, to soups or sauces, steamed veggies, just makes everything tasty!




Loogit this fancy photo, yes this is exactly how I get my coconut milk. I like the small cans of coconut milk. Again this is great for rice, curries, peanut sauces, dipping sauces, or even desserts. There's something about coconut rice that just makes me want to cry..and then eat it all. While crying.



Curries and ready made sauces! I prefer glico curry, because A: It's wicked awesome, B: It comes with roux in it, so it thickens it self, and C: Because I said so. Anything to save you time in the kitchen, use these sauces as a base and add you're own stuff to change it. A little cilantro, some lime juice, chili sauce. Et Voila, awesomeness.



Someone's Italian Grandmother. She doesn't fit in the pantry, but I have a closet that works. No! Dried pasta! Different shapes and sizes, including rice pasta. For quick dinners, pasta salads for that potluck you sooo don't want to go to, or to beef up some soup minus the beef part.



Spices! Lots of them! I have spices in my cupboard that I'll probably never use, but at least I have them. Who wants some ras el hanout! Use them in everything, try different spices in the same dishes, it'll really change them, and you'll learn what you like/don't like!



Flour! I dunno who's child this is, but I can tell I like 'em already. I bake a LOT of bread, but flour is also great for breading, thickening sauces, and making brownies at 10pm.




No junk food! Well, some of it can be considered junk, but no chips/crackers/snacks. The only thing considered snackable I guess are the almonds and instant oatmeal. If its there, you will eat it. So don't have it! Save some money, and feel better. If you're starving, have an apple.



Grains, beans and legumes! Dried or canned beans are great, and it's also nice to have a few starches other than pasta or white rice. Variety! Quinoa makes for great side dishes/salads, and you can throw beans/legumes into anything. Soup, rice, stews, pasta sauce, etc.



Honey! You actually can't see my honey in the pantry pic because it was on the counter, but I wouldn't lie to you! I use honey more than I use sugar. That sugar in my pantry has been in there, untouched for a few weeks. I didn't even buy it, a friend brought it over to make cheesecake. I put honey in my coffee, tomato sauce to cut the acidity, in bread I bake, in sauces (especially hot sauce), ontop of oatmeal or plain yogurt. It's useful and healthy, honey.




An assortment of vinegars, but most importantly, good aged balsamic. NOT balsamic reduction, which is just reduced crappy balsamic with added sugar. Try to get yourself some 20 year old balsamic. You won't regret it. You can use it as a dip, or drizzle it straight on salad. No oil needed, naturally sweet and SO GOOD.



That concludes this week’s episode of “things I have in my pantry and you should have too”. Stay tuned for next week when I show you the fridge!


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