A Bryan Creation – Apple Fritter Sandwich

This time, I tried it.


I’ve posted a recipe from my friend Bryan on here a while back, it was a random trip to starbucks that turned into some odd sandwich.  But this was something he planned, and has actually had before.


Here’s his original:

A porkchop, cooked in cinnamon sugar, salt and pepper, dulce de leche, and cream cheese icing.

So he asked me if we could make it at my place, and there we were.


The recipe was slightly altered, as we didn’t have dulce de leche, and had chicken.

We have, apple fritters, peanut butter, cream cheese icing, sliced apple, and the chicken breast cooked in cinnamon sugar, honey, salt and pepper.


We used natural unsweetened peanut butter, and the cream cheese icing was very light on the sugar. More of a sweetened cream cheese.


And honestly, I was afraid of this thing. But I tried it, and it was ACTUALLY good. I’d probably eat it again!!


Also, HI! It’s me! I’m back! 

I’ve been super exhausted from work and really just sleeping half the time =/. But this long weekend I’ll do some catch up and we’ll be back on the horse. I’ve also been thinking a lot about this blog and that I want to revamp/change it’s direction and name. Still food related, but I’m a little lost at the moment.




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