Pulled Beef BBQ Pizza

Michael ate more than half. Seriously.

We love pizza, and I love making pizza. I can use whatever I have or plan to make certain types. This was a combo of both. I had some stew beef I wanted to use, but I didn’t want stew.

I also don’t understand people who say they don’t make pizza dough because it takes too much time? I can make a basic pizza dough in 20 minutes, less even.

Caamaan people!

When I left for work in the morning I set out what I wanted to cook the beef in, the beef, and the slow cooker. I think it was 1/2 a bottle of bbq sauce, 1/2 a bottle of honey garlic sauce, and the very ends of a small bottle of hot sauce. I asked my darling boyfriend to get it all together, and this is what I came home to! Super tender beef in a tangy/spicy bbq sauce. Yum!



This would be the time to get your dough in order if you wish. Lay it out on an oiled sheet pan, or on a floured pizza peel if you're using your stone.



I used some leftover no knead dough for this recipe, but you can also make a quick pizza dough, or use a prepared one.

No Knead Dough Recipe here

Easy Pizza Dough Recipe here

Remove beef from sauce and shred, add a little bit of sauce for moisture, set aside.



Sauce pizza dough with some of the BBQ sauce.



Then cheese! Always cheese second. It'll hold your toppings on better, cook the toppings better, AND look better. This all works out for the best.






I then added some fresh hot pepper, and some tomatoes from my garden.



I always put a tiny, tiny amount of cheese on top as additional "glue".



Bake in a 400 degree oven until cheese is melted and crust is golden brown! Be sure to check the bottom, as the bbq sauce can make this pizza soggy if not cooked long enough!


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