Mini Donuts at the PNE!


The PNE, or Pacific National Exhibiton, is our summer fair that shows up for about two weeks near the end of August.

I generally go to the PNE once a year, but I’m not really sure why anymore. Nostalgia I think. It’s generally very packed, hot, and expensive. I don’t go on the rides while the PNE is here, because it’s held at our amusement park, and it’s maybe two times cheaper to go when the fair is gone!

I wanted to rave about the food this year, because there were tons of new vendors, but I was unimpressed. I was also looking for some of that disgusting fair food that’s all the rage in the US. Where was my deep fried butter?! But I could only find deep fried oreos.

Most of the food was pretty overpriced, and a bottle of water was $4.75! Insane! We somehow talked a girl working at a stand to just give us a cup of water.

We walked all over the fair trying to find something we were both interested in eating, but we knew we could get a lot of it elsewhere in the city for half as much $ and a larger quantity. We ended up sharing a small poutine, and I talked Michael into getting mini donuts! (Which, are by far, the cheapest thing going at the fair, and one of the best! Two bags for $5! I love you, mini donuts. And I only eat you once a year!)

There were a few mini donut stands, and I think a few clones. They go through this mechanized fryer with a conveyor belt, which is super fun to watch.

We went at night, check out my gallery on the bottom for a few of the places! There were a ton more but there were soo many people and it was difficult to stand in one place to take a picture.

You’ll also see the BBQ stands, which upsets me because we found them AFTER we had eaten! Heartbroken!


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