Beer Thursday!! Britannia Sushi



We haven’t gone to a real Beer Thursday in forever. But we were finally able to and quickly decided on sushi, as it’s too hot for pub grub.



There was only two of us for a bit, but we were so hungry we went ahead and ordered.

Megan got this platter where you get a miso soup, an appetizer and two rolls. I think it's only $8 which is awesome for that much food. I see.. a dynamite roll and a yam/avocado roll.


And her agedashi tofu, which is actually a pretty large order from what you usually get!

I think her beer was a Heineken. I had a large Asahi, pictured at the top of the page!


Then I got the "Spicy fried chicken" which is really chicken karaage. I love when its like this. I really hate ordering karaage and getting chicken wings! Think of it like asian popcorn chicken, with spicy sauce!


And one of my favourites, the Veggie Dragon Roll. Normally a dragon roll has whatever inside (yam, avocado, sometimes raw fish or california roll mix) and has grilled eel on top. This roll has a beautiful row of avocado instead! Not that I don't like eel. This roll is HUGE. I think 12 pieces? And only $5.95!!


We left soon after. It was seriously a million degrees in there and we were uncomfortable and sweating!! We headed down to some scuzzy bar that had air conditioning for the rest of beer thurs!


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