Slocan – Sleepy Breakfast Time

We needed one of those...uh.. "Rejuvinatin' Greasy Breakfasts" to counter an over consumption of a certain type of liquid.


We headed down to the Slocan for some All Day Breakfast. I had never been there, and yelp said it was alright. The only other “close as we want to walk” was some placed called Tom and Jerry’s, which features a banner of some Budweiser girls from the 90’s and boasts about $4 awful beer on tap. (not that I judge, I’ve been to many a scuzzy place, they’re just reserved for french fries and karaoke).


Michael's "This is not an appropriate time to be taking a picture." I'm not sure why my boyfriend is blue here, I blame the wine!


Awful coffee in a super heavy mug. Good sign. But refills cost something cents, and the lady asked if I wanted a refill as she was pouring. I was forced into this refill.



Obligatory creamer stack, who doesn't do this?!



Michael got his staple, two eggs (perfectly cooked I might ad, surprising for a diner) sausages and hashbrowns. I think this cost about $6.



I got my "Breakfast Out" staple. Generally if they have eggs benedict, I take it. The hollandaise was fine, obviously from a packet. I don't make hollandaise at home because I feel bad about wasting egg yolks (not that it's a waste), I'd just rather have the extra gooey egg yolk! I also found the hashbrowns..odd. They were like a mix of super chunky grated potato and mashed potato. They grew on me in the end, but I think because they were covered in yolk and hollandaise.



So.. this was okay. Not that I’m trying to be a diner-snob or anything. But if it’s not extremely cheap, and I can make it at home, I can probably make it better at home. Should I be brave and try the other place next time? Or just go back to Pho?


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