Bao Chau

I have a new soup related love.

There’s this new place down the street that we go for our Pho nowadays, but they have this one type that just blows me away.

This place is called Bao Chao, and you should try it! $6 for a Small and $6.5 for a Large.

They have this grilled lemongrass chicken pho. And the grilled flavour just permeates through the broth, the marinade on the chicken turns the broth orange and adds so much to the soup. It's amazing.

Eat it!!!

Also this is the first vietnamese place I've had iced tea at. Their house tea, on ice. Reallly nice on a hot day.

Sorry Rare Beef! We might have to see other people!


I actually had this for dinner last night! Michael brought it home and we assembelled them in big mixing bowls. So good. I kept finding more and more chicken under my noodles. Chicken Surprise!


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