La Casita – Bday Dinner 1!

La Casita!


I’ve been having a great birthday so far. I have such great friends and they’ve been treating me so well! With food and booze. How kind!

My girlfriend took me down to La Casita on Tuesday for a meal! Her exact words were to “wine and dine me” but whatever.


I had never been to this place, nor have I been to an actual Mexican place.  Seriously! But remember Vancouver is all about asian food, it’s much easier to go for Sushi than it is for Mexican. And at around $2-3 a roll it’s kind of hard not to! (and to my credit I’ve eaten many other types of food, from Ethiopian to Carribean to Afghan! Mexican has always just slipped away.)



Margarita for 3! For 2. But mostly for me.


First we ordered a margarita. Tasty, lots of tequila and real strawberry-full. Kind of hard to drink though, lots of little chunks of ice. But I can’t blame them, it’s got to be hard to properly blend 3 times the margarita.


Free house made chips! I always love when they give you something to snack on. Makes you feel welcome and want to spend more on food! (I love it at the reef when they give you the fried bread and habanero butter, my god!)


This came with the chips as well. Not sure what it was, salsa verde and something? Mango? Yellow Tomato? It was very mild. Help a girl out. It was delicious though! Their menu doesn't say 😦


My meal! I went with the vegetarian option they had on special. Flautas stuffed with potato and green onion, topped with green salsa and feta, mexican rice, and a black bean toastada! Delicious and incredibly filling. I could barely finish.


I tried to steal a photo of hers but she wanted to eat! Chipotle prawns, black beans, rice and hidden behind the bowl is a chorizo quesadilla!


I had a very good experience and really enjoyed the food. It is a little bit expensive, but I think it’s worth it if you’re looking for a nicer meal. Check it out next time you’re in gastown!


La Casita

101 Cordova St W


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