Pho Central on Davie St

Rare Beef Pho


I know you’re probably sick of hearing about all this pho I eat, but it really is amazing. It’s the most wonderful comfort food on the planet. Warm, spicy, rich, beefy, but doesn’t leave you feeling heavy and full like other dinners.

We went down to Pho Central on Davie st. We have this problem of wandering up and down Davie or Robson trying to decide what to eat and just end up getting grumpy and hungrier.

I also have this thing, where if it’s lunch or dinner time, and the restaurant ISN’T packed or at least have a few people in there, you don’t eat there. The locals will eat where good food is. Also, don’t eat in a place where the washroom is messy. If they can’t clean the restroom, they sure as heck can’t clean the kitchen. BLEH.

Anyway, after a few of those days downtown not being able to decide to eat, we went to Pho Central. We kept passing it by because we either didn’t feel like soup (I know, sounds crazy coming from me) or it had few too many people in there.

The restaurant is VERY small. Seats I think 12 at most. Michael ordered a rare beef pho, and I ordered a lemongrass chicken Banh Mi (Bánh mì gà).

You don’t believe me but I did it.

My bahn mi! These vietnamese subs generally have thinly sliced pickled carrots and daikon (known as đồ chua), cucumbers, cilantro, chili peppers, pâté, mayonnaise and various meat fillings or tofu.


Mine was GOOD. Although I didn't like how they put the whole stem of cilantro in there along with the leaves, lazy and hard to chew through. I had to take them out, take the leaves off the stem and put them back in. Waste not, want not!


Michael enjoyed his soup. I had a sip or two, but it was very greasy for pho. You really notice it too with the pastic spoons, as the grease just clings to the bottom of it. Eh. Not the best I’ve had. I’ll go back if I’m absolutely desperate for soup and have no energy to walk elsewhere.


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