Thai Turkey Burgers with Broccoli Slaw

Will make again, and again.


I don’t wanna call these thai, maybe moreso “thai inspired”, or “east asian inspired” but whatever. They’re DAMN good and that’s all that matters.



Every hamburger/meatball/meatloaf I make starts this way. You need meat and binder. I add 1/2 cup of bread crumbs and 1 egg to 1 lb of meat, generally. You can use different types of bread crumbs, or even bread soaked in milk. Then you can really do whatever the hell you want. Add any spices/sauces, it's so versatile. Feel free to use any type of meat you wish.


I just want to elaborate on this a bit, I have many times been with out bread crumbs or eggs. Remember you can always improvise. This will work with just bread crumbs, or just an egg, or smooshed up crackers. Use your imagination and common sense. Don’t have much binder? Make them in the pan or an oven to avoid breaking the burgers apart.



I then added: Shredded carrot, garlic, ginger, chili paste, cilantro, green onion, the juice of 1 lime and about 1 tsp of zest. Salt and pepper as well. A good amount, this is a pile of bland raw meat here!



I also had a sample of this in my cupboard, I used 1 tsp.


Make your patties whatever size you want. Roll them into meatballs if you wish instead. The little tiny piece there is my "sample" piece. I'll cook this before anything else to try it just in case. Be sure to form your patties slightly larger than the buns you have, and slightly thinner than you'd like. The meat will shrink a bit into the shape you need. Otherwise you'll just have meat-baseballs and all bun.



Sear high heat until browned and cook through! Grill 'em if you're lucky. They'd be 100% times better on a grill. Everything is better grilled.



Now I'm awesome and for some reason lost the pictures of the broccoli slaw creatin'. So all did was take a small bag of broccoli slaw, mix with 1/4 cup mayo, juice of 1 lime, bunch of cilantro, 1 tbsp chili paste, 1 tsp of sesame oil and salt and pepper to taste. Very similar to the burger's flavour, but the sesame oil adds something different.




Just toast your buns or rolls a bit, and have straight up burger and slaw. I didn’t feel I needed to add anything to the bun, but you can if you like. Just please, no Disrespectchup.



Disrespectchup: (dis-ri-ˈspeke-chəp) noun. To overuse and abuse ketchup, particularly on dishes beyond fries, hash browns, burgers, and eggs. When my wife took my lovingly grilled lime pork tenderloin and added ketchup, it was a disrespectchup.


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