It’s only a game.

I think this picture says it all.


I’m just gonna take a quick break from food posts to post this.


As some of you may know (or may not know), our hockey team made it to the 7th game of the stanley cup finals against Boston.


We lost. And many fans (or some would say non-fans) decided it was a great idea to destroy the city.


The riot was worse than the one we had in 1994. For the same reason. Losing a hockey game.


Other countries riot and protest over their government treating them poorly, we lose a game, get whiney and drunk in the streets and light cop cars on fire.


Stupidity, mob mentalitiy and false sense anonymity.


The good thing about the drunken over-confidence? Thousands of photos and videos taken by bystanders. Generally rubber necking is frowned upon, but now the VPD have tons of evidence to charge some of these idiots.


This is not my city.


It still seems to surreal, I watched it happen on a live stream on my computer, in awe with what we had done. Burning cars, smashing windows, looting, fighting eachother. It seemed like an excuse to do these horrible things.


This is NOT Vancouver. This is NOT how we represent ourselves, or at least, how we want to represent ourselves.


The following morning there were numerous facebook groups asking people to post their photos/videos and call out the rioters.


There was also an event created for the REAL Vancouverites to come out and help clean up the city.


And they did! (I was trapped at work, unfortunately.)


Thousands of amazing people came out to clean the up the mess the others left.


And spotless they made it!! By 9am the streets were bare.


Thank you, real Vancouverites. You`ve made some of us very proud for doing the right thing, and showing everyone we ARE good people.




10 responses to “It’s only a game.

  • kita

    Wow, I don’t really follow sports, but this is craziness and awesomeness. I live near Philadelphia and that area is known for its outrageous fans! I think it is very kind that people came out to clean up and take care of things afterwards though.

  • Kate@Diethood

    I saw this on the news and I couldn’t believe my eyes… idiots!

  • Marilyn

    Being in Boston and a Bruins fan we were most happy with the outcome but also feel the pain that the city of Vancouver must feel. Boston was very controlled for this win, thanks to the great prep. that the Mayor and police put in place but with other world championships not hockey we did have our problems and the city learned from that. Things will look up and your chance for the Cup will come again.

  • gramps

    And today we learn that the “lovers” weren’t really loving—just a guy helping his girlfriend who was slightly injured.

  • Erin @ Dinners, Dishes and Desserts

    Wow! At least there are thousands of people who take pride in their city, and care enough to clean it up!

  • richard

    proud of you!

  • The Wookie

    As Philadelphia area resident and hockey player I understand all too well the passion people have for their sports and how a lot of alcohol and a lack of common sense can result in stupidity.

    But I know Vancouver (like Philly) is mostly good people that care about their city.
    It’s awesome that those people that really cared came out to clean out the mess that others made. It’s unfortunate that their good acts aren’t good for “ratings” and don’t usually make the news.

  • C&C Cakery

    The worse thing about this is that most of this was pre-meditated. I’m sure the group of douchebags who looted and burned planned on doing so even before the game had started.

    We watched for hours and hours – it was really surreal. Even though I was excited that the Canucks lost (sorry, I’m a Leaf fan!), everything that came after just wiped out everything that both Vancouver and Boston had worked so hard for. A sad day for hockey. A sad day for the city.

    Now, my question is, what do you think Van is going to do for Canada Day? I think I’ll be staying home 😦

  • Melissa@EyesBigger

    I am so happy to hear that a few parents marched their children down to the VPD station afterwards to turn themselves in and that some people have been fired instantly from their jobs after being recognized. I hope more of that happens. Such idiocy from a few spoiled and drunken morons.

  • Jim

    1. Go Boston! 2. It was great to see all the citizens take part in the cleanup effort. 3. Hooligans suck!

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