Drowning in a sea of lunches!

Totally me.

Ugh I’m so busy and so tired I just want a sandwich and a nap.

Mostly a sandwich. But I don’t wanna make it.

Michael has started his dream job, which includes 12 hour shifts, 4 days on, 4 days off.

But that means I’m making him breakfast, lunch and dinner + snacks to take to work (and still work my full time job). So I’m a little tired.


I bet some of you are saying “pfft why don’t he make his own food *finger snap*”. But it just doesn’t work and he’ll end up buying food instead. Just trust me, it doesn’t work.


So what I need from you are some suggestions!


How do you save time cooking meals and lunches for others?




What are some creative lunches?


Because he’s going to get sick of sandwiches soon!


I’ve started doubling up on dinners, so he can take leftovers for his “dinner”, and have been going with sandwiches, yogurt, granola, veggies, fresh and dried fruit.


It all has to be relatively healthy, as he has to be alert for his job, no caffeine or sugar crashes!


Know of any ready to go food that isn’t absolutely disgusting?


Help a lass outt!


13 responses to “Drowning in a sea of lunches!

  • Adriana - GF360°

    I love quinoa salads, and they usually get better after sitting for a while. Ditto for non-mayo pasta salads. Soups to go with the sandwiches (you can make ahead a larger batch). Good luck!

  • gramps

    First thing that came to mind is—-work on lunches, etc together on the weekend and freeze them. Alternate different things so he doesn’t get tired of the same thing.
    Sorry, I’m a guy so the thinking doesn’t go any deeper


  • Erin @ Dinners, Dishes and Desserts

    I rely on leftovers for lunch. Sometimes the frozen healthy lunches. Healthy Choice makes a few of their new steamed ones that I like. But I struggle almost daily with lunches!

  • keepsmeoutofmischief

    I know exactly what you mean on the ‘make it for him or he’ll go to the shop’ thing, my husband does exactly the same. I tend to make the lunches for the following day whilst I’m cooking the evening meal. I plan ahead at the start of the week, thinking about which day people are out in the evening or need a lunch the following day and try to link things.

    E.g. On Sunday I roasted a chicken and we had cold chicken and stuffing sandwiches on Monday for lunch. Tonight I’m making lamb kebabs so tomorrow they’ll be a cous-cous salad with lamb bits and some houmous in little pots. I always keep bagels in the freezer as a ‘just in case’ standby.

    It’s better if you vary it from week to week; sandwiches get boring really quickly. It’s saving us so much money. I reckon we used to spend about £30 a week (at least) buying our lunches, now I probably spend about £8 at most which allows for buying slightly bigger packs of meat for our meals so that they’ll be some left over.

    This site has some good inspiration: http://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/recipes/Packed-lunch and the BBC website has some good ideas for making sandwiches more interesting at http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/content/recipes/favourites/lunchbox/

    Blog some ideas so we can all share!

  • The Chocolate Priestess

    Leftovers are good and if he has a little area at work with a microwave he can take microwave lunches that are cheaper than a restaurant especially fast food and can be relative healthy. Less stress for you, too. He can even go to the store and buy them on his days off or trust you to lay in a supply when you do the regular shopping if you are the one to do it.

    Just FYI — men can step up to the plate in terms of getting their own food, really they can, we just have to let go of the control issue or our service issue, whatever motivates us, to step in and baby them. They aren’t babies, they are men. I have two of them and I’ve had to train myself to let them take care of themselves for my own well-being.

  • Eliot

    I love a chickpea salad that Molly Wizenberg featured in her column in Bon Appetit. Leftovers can be pureed into a hummus like spread for wraps later. http://eliotseats.com/?p=3619

    And, I love black bean hummus in a wrap: http://eliotseats.com/?p=4218

    Hope this helps.

  • Leanna @ Raptortoe.com

    Wow thanks for all these suggestions.. maybe I’ll have to start making some and posting them!!!

    OH and BTW. I made a huge lunch/dinner/snack combo, and I see someone took out $20 while at work… *sigh*

  • Adora's Box

    We’re on the same boat. My husband eats lunch at home and takes dinner to work. I cook a hot lunch so he brings some leftovers to work. If I have time I quickly fry some noodles in the evening for the following evening’s packed dinner. I always buy rotisserie chicken when I can to use as an ingredient for noodle salads or cooked with veg.

  • krissyp

    Preparation is key. I always have boiled eggs, chicken breasts, and pasta done ahead of time to easily create meals. The steamer bags of brown rice work well when adding black beans, salsa, a sprinkle of cheese and then throwing in some chopped chicken breast (easy casserole to reheat and all you had to cook ahead was the chicken), it works nicely in wraps too. Any type of pasta salad holds up well and chunks of chicken or tuna can be added for a protein kick, a little splash of dressing just before serving livens it up a bit. Tortellini salad with veggies and chopped meat holds up for days and continues to develop flavor. Chopped eggs are a quick fix for boring salads salads and can be turned into a quick egg salad. I often prechop vegetables and either ziploc or store in small tupperwares which makes it easy to grab a handful for wraps and salads during the week. Preparing a white bean chicken chili in advance and freezing individual portions is a great option too. Hope that helps.

  • Lori Lynn

    Wow! You sure got some good advice. Gotta love the foodbuzz community.
    I vote for dinner’s leftovers too. Make them into a lettuce salad or a pasta salad or panini or bento box. Hearty soups are great too.
    Glad he found his dream job!

  • Stephanie

    Hey leanne… I always take my lunch to work, for the € saving but also for the calories and health factors!

    how about this easy pasta:http://theinternationalcookingclub.blogspot.com/2011/04/just-ordinary-tuesday-lunch-broccoli.html

    or this sandwich: http://theinternationalcookingclub.blogspot.com/2011/04/little-saturday-sunshine-goats-cheese.html

    later on I will be posting my tuna salad sandwich….and soon I will be putting up and orzo asperges salad and a chicpea bacon salad…
    but most of my dinners come with me the next day anyways.

    So keep tuned!
    Hope to have helped u a bit…

  • chicagosdomesticdiva

    I like to take salads,pasta or lettuce.Just make a different dressing put it in a tight container and ur good to go.Alot if times salad and yogurt is my lunch.

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