Can you guess what day it was?

What a gorgeous day for a $4.75 beer! $4.25? I don't remember, doesn't matter!

Happy Beer Thursday! I’m pushing for this to become a holiday, but we’ll see.

We headed down to Belgian Fries today!

I remember this place when it was half the size, we'd go here back when we we're in highschool for poutine and deep fried mars bars!

I went with a regular medium sized poutine. They have a ton of awesome types though. Montreal smoked meat, chicken cutlets, veggie, veggie chili, lamb sausage! But I'm on a budget, so I can't go crazy. But this guy is only about $5.

I also don’t understand how people can eat a LARGE. That and LARGE bowls of pho, but that’s another story. Not sure where they find the room?!! You’ll see I threw some banana peppers on the side, and I ALSO pour some malt vinegar on this as well. SO delicious.

One of my friends had the same thing and another had a cone of fries.

$2.99 for a small cone of fries. Which is pretty damn large by itself.

Totally a great place to go if you’re looking for some cheap beer and some cheap, delicious, indulgent fries. Two beers and a small regular poutine: $15. No complaints.

But now I’m home and oh so sleepy. One more work day until my long weekend!


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