Beer Thursday

The best reason for Thursdays.

Look ma, I’m posting! No time to explain, work-family stuff happening. Makes life busy!

But! A friend/coworker and I have thought up a weekly outing to get us through the work week.

Beer Thursdays!

So far we’ve had two. This week there was a beer Thursday hiatus, but we shall return next week.

We work near Commercial Drive, which has a ton of great places for beer and pub grub. I can’t go overboard since I work fridays, but it’s nice to have something to look forward to near the end of the week.

Last Thursday we went out to Falconetti’s. I had never been but Megan said it was great, so we headed there right after work. They have a ton of great sounding sausage on the menu, and a great deal that day $10 for a beer and a sausage! Hello!

This one!!

I unfortunately wasn’t too hungry so I had the fries:

Falc's Famous fries: Fresh cut Kennebec potatoes, tossed in garlic & lime. Yeah these we're AWESOME, and totally worth the $5.50.

The beer I had, posted at the top, was just a regular ‘ol Granville Island Honey Lager. But I really enjoy Granville Island beers, and pints we’re $5.25, again no complaining.

She had the Storm IPA. I've never had any of the beers from Storm Brewery, but it's a local beer and our local beer is always great.

Then she had this puppy! This was the chicken thai sausage. Yum!! I had a small bite, I wish I was hungrier though and was able to get my own. Next time!

The previous week we went to the Charlatan,  which I had been to previously and will go again. Photos next time! I swear!


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