Happy Vaisakhi!

Some of the entertainment!

I live in a very multicultural – major city. It’s busy and clogged, but one great thing about it are all the awesome festivals and celebrations!

This Saturday I went down to the Vaisakhi celebration down on Main st.

Vaisakhi is a harvest celebration, it marks the start of the New Year in the Nanakshahi solar calendar and recognizes the Sikh religious faith. It’s also a place to get stuffed on awesome indian food.

Oh yeah.

For free.

Sleepy on the train at 9:30am.

Awesome samosa. Not too spicy, and the crust was perfect!

Chick-pea curry, a carrot pickle, and I dunno what kinda bread. It wasnt naan though, fried in a lot of oil.

Pakora! (pakoras are like an indian fritter, many different variations, generally containing spinach, veggies and potato) These are kind of ... "ghetto" pakoras, where they make them out of frozen french fries. BUT. I REALLY like these kind. Its like eating a super amazing french fry.

Sweets! Laddu on the top and a huge pile of jalebi (think super sugar soaked pretzel, thing).

A gentleman making Jalebi, and this lady with a GIANT wok I wish I had. I couldnt get up there to see what she was making. Too crowded!

A bit of the crowd! This was super early, it was VERY crowded later on.

It was def worth going out for. The entertainment was great! Albeit SUPER loud, maybe every block there was someone on a stage with super loud speakers. I really liked these dancers (video below).

Happy Vaisakhi everyone!


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