Wings – The food and the restaurant

Starting from the left clockwise we have Tora Tora Tora Tokyo, Mesquite Bear BBQ, English Salt and Vinegar, and Bombay Pineapple. 40 wings!



We love wings. I know Michael could eat them for dinner every day of the week, if I’d let him, or make them, that is.



One of our favourites is a restaurant called “Wings“. They have a great menu, and on Sundays they have  35cent wings. Now, there are other places with great wings, or places with cheaper wings. But we’ve had some really good experiences and some awesome wings, so we always come back.



The problem with Wings, as with all wing places, is that they have a super, stupidly spicy wing on the menu. And Michael has to eat them every time we go. They have one called “The Bobby Wing From the House of Pain” which is absolutely ridiculous.



The first time we went, he ate 2 and couldn’t go on, runny nose, runny eyes. Second time, I think he made it to 3 -along with a twitchy eye and lip. Or what I like to call, a tiny spice induced stroke.



This was the first time they've made him sign a waiver. I know many wing places do this, it's always been listed on the menu, but this is the first time they've implemented it.




He ate 6. A new record, and I think the last time he's going to eat them.



Aside from the too spicy for a human to eat- wings, we did have some awesome wings that night. I was blown away by the salt and vinegar wings. Absolutely amazing! I’ll get more next time.  Goes perfect with beer!


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