Butter Chicken Poutine

This was SO worth how terrible it is for me, btw.


Poutine is a Canadian thing. I’ve met a few Americans who have NO idea what it is, which I find surprising, because a lot of “down home American food” consists of the same ingredients. Fries, cheese curds and gravy.


But this was far from traditional, but oh sooooo delicious.



Not my picture, but you get the idea. How can you go wrong here?



Now, I’ve wanted to make this for a while, as I love going to this restaurant called Belgian Fries on the drive, which serves some awesome poutine.


Then, after drinking a pitcher with your poutine, you walk past the few indian places on  the drive and BAM! The connection is made.


The odd thing is that recently the fast food chain “New York Fries” has started to serve butter chicken poutine. Way to beat me to the punch.


I’ve made this the lazy way, as I was making quite the time consuming chocolate cake (which I will post later!) at the same time. Remind me not to multitask THAT much.


What you need:


  • 1 bag of fries, I chose wedge cut spicy fries.
  • 1 bag of cheese curds, unfortunately I could only find cheddar curds, but whatever.
  • 1 can or powdered butter chicken mix.
  • 1 lb skinless, boneless, chicken breast or thighs. Thighs were on sale!



Make your fries according to the package instructions. I had originally planned to make home fries, but I'm REALLY glad I didn't. I was so frazzled and frustrated making this and peanutbutter mousse at the same time.



Begin by frying the chicken until cooked, pour sauce over and simmer for a few minutes.




Then you assemble! Start with fries and a small handfull of curds, top with butter chicken mixture.



‘Cause it so good.


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