Big Breakfast Small Lunch

The weekend treat.

We generally eat pretty boring breakfasts. Cereal, granola, fruit, toast, yogurt. But most weekends, one of the days I’ll make “Big Breakfast”, which generally consists of Eggs, hash browns, toast. Maybe bacon or sausage if we’re lucky.


My absolute favourite is to make hashbrowns WITH bacon. I know, I’m terrible aren’t I? The potatoes get so beautifully crisp from the bacon fat, and they’re so flavourful. It makes me happy thinking about it.



This is about 4 small russet potatoes peeled. Allow the potato to cook for a bit before you add the bacon, as the bacon can overcook before the potatoes are even close. This is two strips of thick cut smoked bacon. Season with salt and pepper, but do not over season as the bacon has some salt as well.



Cook potatoes and bacon until potatoes are crisp on the outside, and tender inside. Add a big pile of parsley and green onion. Because you should always add a big pile of fresh herbs on anything. Ever.



Free Range eggs please. I was raised on farm eggs. So I'll only eat the dark orange yolk of a properly treated chicken. So delicious. There's two things people should always buy, a damn good mattress, and free range eggs.



Make some great coffee. I've been trying to stop drinking coffee throughout the week, because I think it's effecting how I sleep. But it's VERY hard not to.


Eat while watching Bill Maher! We have a habit of watching TV shows with breakfast, but we don't actually have cable, or ever watch TV any other time. (did I mention I also don't have a microwave?)


It was a gorgeous day today, so we decided to pop downtown to walk around and grab lunch. 6 degrees and sunny, damn those Canadian winters, eh?


We under dressed but we pushed through. It did warm up a bit. We were starving by the time we got downtown, but we encountered the same problem we always have.


We can NEVER, EVER decide where to eat. And not because we’re picky, because we’re willing to eat anywhere. I love all types of food, and when I’m hungry and grumpy it’s just frustrating. Someone needs to make an every genre restaurant so I can have a little bit of everything.


We walked up and down Davie a few times, caved and decided on “Donair Dude”. Falafel for me, and Halifax Donair for Michael!


Now I need to get started on dinner, no idea what to make. But I DO have plans for a rhubarb blueberry crumble 😀 Post later!


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