Perogies – The Family Recipe

You can't imagine how delicious these are.



I know every family that makes perogies (pierogies, pyrogies, ‘rogies, dumplings, etc, etc.) believes that there’s is the best. And it is, to them. As it’s what they were raised on, what their family had at important dinners, what mother’s slaved over to feed their family.


But my mother’s perogies are loved by EVERYONE.


She’s been making them since she was able to walk in Poland, and has made countless batches. It’s how my father met her, it was the first thing gone at family dinners, school potlucks, anywhere she brings them.


She will never sell them to anyone, she makes them for free, and gives them away willingly. (although some people have explioted this good nature, I know I have :P) There is so much love and care put into them.


People always want more of these things. But what’s so special? Nothing. That’s the point. This isn’t a complex recipe, there is nothing to mess up. Nothing gets in the way of simple deliciousness.


None of this is exact or measured, this is done by feel, and general know-how. But it’s not difficult.



My Mother’s Perogies




  • 2 ish lbs of yellow potatoes (1kg) -yellow potatoes are key. Less starch, more flavourful, better texture.
  • 300g ish (10 oz) of old fort sharp cheddar cheese – the sharper the better
  • Basically you want 1/3 ratio of cheese to potato She says too much cheese and the filling will be tough, too little and not a lot of flavour. You can supplement a bit of butter if you have less cheese.


Boil potatoes until soft and mash, add cheese while potatoes are still hot and set aside.




No salt, no oil, no nothing. The cheese has enough salt to flavour it adequately.





Dough: (this is where you’re going to laugh, as everyone else over complicates things)


6-7 ish cups of all purpose flour, on the counter top, or in a bowl.



And, WATER! Yes ladies and gents, that's it. (please not ice cold) About two cups, but don't go dumping it all in.



Gradually add the water, bringing in the flour with your hands. She stressed that I had to keep one hand clean to pour the water in. You want a soft dough, but enough so it's not sticky. Then knead until it comes together like the picture. Cover and allow to rest for 15-30 mins. Sorry there are no "in action dough making extreme closeups" but I had to mix the dough myself, and I can't be showing her how to use a camera.



After your dough is adequately rested, roll out on a floured surface to about 1/8" thick. Try not to over flour.



Cut out circles with whatever size you'd like, this was about 2.5 - 3". This was also where she took over the cutting because I was wasting dough. So, lesson learned, the circles don't have to be perfect, guys!



Then form! She is too fast, so I've taken video. I was going to edit out the dialog. But my Mom's adorable. You can also hear the food network in the background.



To explain, you follow around the edge of the dough to slightly thin out the edges. Take about heaped tbsp of filling and nestle the dough in between your thumb and forefinger. Press the filling down and gradually pinch the ends together. Et Voila!



Mine on the left, her's on the right. Hers also look machine made. I think my mother's a robot.



If you wish to cook these at a later date, you may freeze them! Just lay them out on a sheet of parchment, be sure they are not touching and freeze. Once they are completely frozen, transfer them into a large ziploc bag.



But if you're like me. You want perogies NOW! (and later) So boil them in salted water, until they float. Once they are floating, they are done. Remove them with a slotted spoon and toss with a bit of butter.



Heaven! Perogies can have endless fillings. One of my favourites are blueberry filled perogies, topped with a little bit of sour cream sprinkled with sugar. Or my absolute favourite, potato, onion, bacon, cottage cheese and cracked black pepper.


These are amazing because they’re so simple. The lack of extra ingredients in the dough results in an incredibly tender dough. Melt in your mouth. Combined with the creamy potato and sharp cheddar, it’s euphoric.


You can’t stop at a few.



To backup my ridiculous perogie claim. See comment #2. ❤


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