Sister’s Secret Chicken (a dying breed)

Oh baby!


There’s this brand we sell, called “Sister’s Secret”. They make, well MADE, different sauces. People have always raved about how amazing it was. And now, unfortunately, they have gone out of business. We’ve acquired the last of the bottles to sell, and I wanted to try it before it was gone forever.

The Fragrant Chili


It’s an asian type chili sauce. Sesame Oil, Garlic, Ginger, Chili, Cashews, etc. I thought it would go perfect with chicken.

I tasted a teenie bit first. You should always try a new sauce before you commit to using it! This guy was pretty stong, and needed something sweet.


I took about 3-4 ish tbsp of the chili sauce. Added 1 hefty tbsp of honey, and 1 clove of garlic.


Season your bald chicken with a good amount of salt and pepper, and then toss in the chili sauce mixture. Place on a parchment lined baking sheet and bake in a 375 oven for 45min-1hr, or until a thermometer inserted into the thigh meat reads 165 degrees. Beautiful! Sprinkle with some fresh finely chopped cilantro and green onion.


Feed to your boyfriend!


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