Jalapeno Infused Vodka pt1

I think I see something in there..

I was inspired today. Have I ever mentioned the problem with being a foodie that works for a gourmet food/equipment store? The endless, expensive, inspiration.


Today I was putting some beautiful glass bottles into the system.


What better to infuse you with, my dear!

So at first I thought “infused oil” eh, okay.  But no, that’s no fun.  I can BUY a ton of delicious infused oil AT my work, for a discount.


I thought “Ooh fancy sodas!”, but I already have a soda stream that comes with glass carafes.


Then I thought of our two guilty pleasures. Spice, (and booze)..shh..


I DO have a bottle of vodka in the freezer, and I DO have jalapenos. So it might as well happen.


First, chop yee a jalapeno. I've read a few recipes that call for removal of the seeds. But we like spicy in this family. Boy howdy.

Place into bottle.

Get yee some vodka!

Top it up with the vodka and place in the fridge!

Great things are happening.


Now we wait. 1 week. I think you can wait less or more, but I’m good with one week. I’ll update then, and maybe I’ll come up with a drink!


I don’t want to go traditional and make a caesar. I wanna try something pineappley.


Good night, sweet prince. Er..spicy.



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