Borg Brownie Cupcakes

Resistance IS futile! When it comes to brownies anyway..

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been a bit. Work work work. No time to play 😦 But yesterday night we had a few people over to watch a movie and hang out, so I decided to make borg cupcakes! Which turned into Born Brownie Cupcakes!



Whenever I have to make a larger amount of something for people that I’m planning on decorating, I generally just get a boxed mix to save me some time and stress. Especially if it’s something informal.


So I grabbed a regular box of brownie mix and followed the instructions. I added some extra white chocolate chips and some chopped walnuts (just because they’re AWESOME), and spooned them into mini cupcake liners. If you’re making mini versions of a boxed mix meant to be baked in a pan. All you have to do is just adjust the baking time slightly. These took only 20 minutes.



I then made a simple buttercream:


  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 4 cups powdered icing sugar
  • 1-2 tbsp water or milk

Mix thoroughly.



I also added in 1 tbsp of vanilla bean paste, and coloured with some black gel food colouring, and some lustre dust I had toΒ  try and make it a shimmery kind of metallic colour.


I got my hands on some edible glitter, and decided just to spread the icing on the cup cakes instead of piping it on. I felt that the glitter wouldn’t look right on top of piped swirls. But that’s just me. I’m thinking I’ll grab some white edible glitter for holiday baking at the end of the year. It’d make amazing snow!


I then iced my cupcake, and used a spoon to gently sprinkle the glitter around the edges of the cupcake.


I asked my lovely boyfriend to make me a few borg pictures to make cupcake toppers. I love being able to commission work in my pjamas.


Just print out a bunch, cut them out and attach tooth picks to the back! You could use clip art or random photos!


Easy peasy!



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