Buffalo Chicken Cutlets

So. Delicious. I wish I had more 😦

You ever get something into your head and it haunts you all day. This was one of those things.
Our family has a thing for hot sauce. We have at least 10 bottles of different kinds in our fridge at all times. Different varieties for different dishes, some extremely hot ones for drunken dares, and the basics.
I always have to have sriracha, a variant of cayenne pepper sauce (tabasco, cholula, franks red hot) and a garlic chili sauce.
Today I was dreaming of wings. Traditional buffalo wings. But since I didn’t have any at home, and had taken out some chicken breasts the previous night, I would have to compromise.
So first and foremost, smash some chicken breasts. If you look at a chicken breast you’ll notice how one end is thicker than the other and it tapers off. Giving it a good beating will create an even thickness. Speeding up cooking time, and making sure it cooks evenly.
Then prepare a breading station.

Flour! (with a pinch of salt, pepper and cayenne) Please be sure to season every step!

Egg and mustard. This is something I've always done. 1 because I hate wasting eggs I could be enjoying for breakfast, and 2 because the mustard acts as a good ahesive and adds a lot of flavour!

Breading. This was seasoned already so I didn't want it to be overly salty, and did not season further.

 Then bread in order. Flour, Egg, Breadcrumbs. Bread all and set aside!

Begin frying in a medium high pan with a few tbsp of oil.

Flip! Cook the other side and place on some papertowel to soak up some oil, but also to prevent it from getting soggy while it waits.

Make a traditional wing sauce. This generally consists of equal parts butter and hot sauce. I like to add a little bit more hot sauce than butter.

Then all you do is gently toss the chicken cutlet in the sauce (or pour it over) and enjoy!
I made some regular ‘ol mashed potatoes, but blue cheese mashed potatoes and this out be out of this world!
Next time!!

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