Breakfast Pizza

Isn't it beautiful?

I know I’ve been making a lot of pizza lately, but this was something I’ve wanted to try for quite some time. This is by far not an original idea. I’ve seen numerous blog posts about breakfast pizzas, and it seemed like an awesome idea!

And it WAS.

First and foremost, get your pizza dough started. You can also use a premade crust or some pita bread or something. But to me, nothing beats some fresh, chewy pizza dough.

Peel and chop a russet potato. You could use any type of potato for this, but I like russet. (and it was all I had) You could even use leftovers, last night's roasted potatoes, or a vinegar based potato salad.

Crisp them up in a pan with a little bit of oil. Season with salt and pepper.

Tomatoes! Now I'm generally wary of tomatoes on pizza, as they tend to leech a ton of water and can contribute to soggy pizza.

But this can be remedied by trying to extract as much liquid from them. Like smooshing them on your fancy patterned papertowel that your friends made fun of you for having. My mother gave them to me. Beggars can't be choosers.

These were the ingredients I chose. From the top, mozza, chevre, fried potato, mushroom and tomato. And of course, some really nice free range eggs. You shouldn't put too many toppings on pizza, as it can make it soggy as well. And they can also conflict with eachother. Sometimes simple is better.

I decided to make this pizza on parchment and place it on the pizza stone. My kitchen is mess enough right now. Seriously. Spread the dough with your hands, and roll over the edges to create a crust. This is important for later on. Midway through the cooking process you're going to crack some eggs on top of this puppy, and you need the crust to prevent them from sliding off and onto the bottom element of the oven.

Now, you could use tomato sauce, or any sauce really for this. But I decided to go for something subtle. I finely chopped 1 clove of garlic, and added some olive oil and some dried italian herbs.

Brush over zee pizza, even over the crust, yo. Top accordingly. (always mozza first!) and put in a preheated 425 oven. 15 minutes into the cooking process, open the oven, and carefully crack your eggs over the pizza. Bake until top of pizza is browned and eggs are set to your liking.

I had to take the pizza entirely out of the oven, and poked at it with a spoon to make little “wells” for my eggs to go. I found they tried to congregate to one end of the pizza and I wanted an even “egg to pizza” ratio.

If you find your pizza is getting too brown on the bottom and the top is still wet, pop on the broiler for a bit.

Let cool a bit and serve!

I really enjoyed this. It was like having a hand-held full breakfast. Michael ate 3 pieces too, which means he liked it 😛



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