An unapologetic apology.

It's sincere because it's flourescent.


I’m sorry. I’ve neglected you. I’ve been busy.

I also lied. I haven’t been busy. I’ve had a lack of energy, motivation, and well.

Michael keeps making dinner.

I know it’s crazy. (and I’m not trying to be some sort of sarcastic feminist here, I really enjoy making all of the meals) 

But he hasn’t been working for the last two weeks, so what better for him to do to busy himself in between the job search.

So what do I do? I come home, eat my dinner and relax. It’s been rather liberating.

I’m also encouraging it because he’s finally learning how to cook, and it’s some stress off me.

The best investment I’ve made for him, is a slow cooker, and a slow cooker recipe book. (crock pot, whatever you wanna call it)

I don’t think there’s anything easier than throwing some ingredients in a slow cooker and turning it on. It’s perfect for new cooks, or most men. 😛

All I’ve done is give a few pointers or assistance with ingredient amounts, and let him loose. I was meaning to take pictures the last few times, but it was gone before I could get the camera out!

Meatballs tonight. Maybe I’ll see if he’ll write his own blurb about it 😛

and don’t panic. I’m starting my frequent posting again starting tomorrow! I have chicken and sharp white cheddar, let’s see what I’ll get up to.


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