Sesame Teriyaki Wings!

So. SO good.

This isn’t really a recipe as much as it’s what I made for dinner. Nothing special. But OH so good.

Get yourself:

A big bag o wings. I prefer drumettes. Some prefer wingettes, or the whole dang arm of the chicken.

Find some good teriyaki sauce. This stuff is AMAZING. One thing I never try to make myself are asian sauces. It never seems to taste right home-made. So once I find a good brand I stick with it.


Add a couple shakes of hot sauce if you're feelin' it. This was Naga Jolokia sauce, the hottest pepper in the world. We have it in the fridge solely for dares, but a little bit adds a lot of kick to any dish! Leave to marinade for 1 to 24 hrs. Whatever time you have.


Line a baking sheet with parchment, and throw your wings on. If you like crisper wings, like I do, don't pour the wings and all the sauce in the pan, take them out separately and save the sauce for some bastin' later on. Preheat a 400 degree oven and throw your wings in for 30-45 mins. Turning your wings half way and brushing with additional sauce.

Take em out and eat!

Another shot. Basically just food porn.


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