Baking Bacon – Do you do it?

I love bacon. I mean, who doesn’t. There’re some jewish people who consider bacon “not pork” it’s so damn good. But I hate making it, and the mess, and I don’t fiddle with screens or special lids or anything like that.

Always and forever, my bacony friend.

There was one bacon tip I always used, which was cook bacon over low heat. It prevents it from curling and doesn’t coat your stove top with grease. But there was another method I learned from catering (and from a body piercer I knew back in the day while making breakfast burritos), which was to make the bacon in the oven.

It’s probably my favourite way to make bacon. It’s out of the way, it kind of takes care of itself, and is ready in no time. It still fills the apt with delicious bacon smell, and the bacon cooks crisp and flat. It’s also great if you need to make a TON of bacon.

Preheat a 375 oven, and lay out your bacon flat on some parchment. Make sure it's not overlapping. I've also done this on a wire rack. Lay out the bacon on the rack nestled in a baking pan. All of the grease will drip away and you'll have slightly crisper bacon.


Bake for 15-20 mins, turning halfway. Transfer to paper towel to blot off some oil and enjoy!


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