Christmas Gifts for your favourite foodie!

I always love those top 10 lists of gifts to buy or favourite things, so I’ve decided to make my own!

I work at the Gourmet Warehouse, and there are a few things people keep calling for.  In no particular order..

Hit the jump for my top 10 list!


1: Sodastream Soda Maker

A machine that carbonates tap water? Except it does 60L before you need to refill the cartridge. Heck yea. Make your own San Pellegrino, or your own Cola.

Sodastream Jet

2: Bacon flavoured ANYTHING.

Bacon chocolate, bacon salt, bacon flavoured envelopes. We can’t keep it in stock.

Vosges Bacon Bar

3: Cast Iron Pans

For some reason, this classic seems to be back. We’ve had to reorder already and it’s only dec 7th.

Lodge Pan

4: Molecular Gastronomy

Either the single ingredients, or more importantly these kits that include all the stuff you need, dvd, tools and chemicals.

Cuisine R-Evolution

5: Brownie/Lasagna Edge Pan

Thanks Oprah. This was one of her “favourite things” this year, and we’re the only place that carries it. Ha!

Edge Brownie Pan

6: Gift Baskets

People are all about gift baskets this year! Affordable and endlessly customizable.

This is just some stock photo, but I felt weird not putting a picture up.

7: Wine Sock Monkeys

Really,  I dunno why, but people LOVE these. I’m not so sure how I feel about it..

Wine Monkey by Fred

8: Scanpan
Probably the best non-stick fry pan out there. Made out of a ceramic/titanium composite. No icky teflon chemicals, and the pan seems to last forever. There’s some customer that cuts sausage in the pan with a serrated knife every morning, and the thing still works like a charm, scratched beyond belief but still in perfect working order.

Scanpan fry pan!

9: Enameled Bakers
Le creuset, Staub, whichever you choose. Many colours to choose from, and will last a life time. Here comes the slow cooked stews and soups! You can even bake bread in the thing! (google no knead bread in a dutch oven)

Staub Oval Baker

10: When all else fails.. GIFT CARDS!
It’s hard to know what someone has in their kitchen at home already, so if you don’t wish to buy chocolate or food, grab a gift card from somewhere that carries a good variety of things and let them go to town!

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